Business IVA Advice

Our experts are here to give you honest and professional business IVA advice, whatever your situation. They have many years of experience and have dealt with IVA’s of all sizes and types of businesses in every different industry.

The business IVA and financial advice team here at CFS Capital Group cover everything you need to be aware of when your business faces creditor pressure and possible bankruptcy. If your business has become insolvent and you think that an IVA is the best option for you then speak to our team for advice on the next step.

Our qualified team has many years of experience between them and know that if your business is facing extreme creditor pressure then you don’t want to be bombarded with jargon or confused with legalities. You want someone to guide you through the complex process in a simplified manner and ensure you come out on the other side in a positive frame of mind.

We offer IVA and insolvency advice that is tailored to your situation, helping you move on to grow your business and to move forwards in a positive direction whilst we deal with all of the negatives affecting your business.

Business IVA Guidance

A business IVA is a relatively straightforward process, but if it is not something you have faced before then it can be a worrying time. The business IVA process is a simple solution that can insulate the business from all of its unsecured creditors provided that certain procedures and obligations are met.

We have the experts to guide you through the business IVA process right from the start. They will ensure that an IVA is the most viable option and advise you on how the process works.

Our Business IVA Experts

Whatever you are concerned about, our experts can help. We tailor our IVA guidance according to your situation in order to provide an individual, comprehensive and effective service.

A business IVA is often just one of the many options available, so we start by assessing whether this is the best route for you and your business. When you are satisfied that an IVA is the most effective way to deal with your pressing creditors you can do everything online if you choose. This allows for a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution.

We understand your concerns so at all times our IVA specialists work hard to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.